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Bring in a dirty dog and leave with a dazzling dog! Our spa menu is just what your dog needs to leave with a shiny clean coat, fresh breath, and manicured nails!

We use hypoallergenic shampoo but if you prefer a special shampoo, just bring it in.



You have a choice between nail clippers and dremeling, or both. Please let us know if your dog has anxiety related to nail cutting. Our goal is not to make this a negative experience for your pet. Sometimes it just takes peanut butter!

Our teeth cleaning service is gentle and quick. We’ll take a good look and let your know if we see any oral issues requiring a vet’s attention.

Our brush-out service leaves your dog’s coat shiny and smooth.  It’s a perfect spa selection for any time of year!

All pricing is done by breed of dog and condition of coat. Quotes are available by phone or consultation with one of our professional groomers.

 Call 317-983-1440 to schedule an appointment.

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